Pink  paintbrush smear
Pink and blue watercolor floral arrangement

Licensed Event Coordinator/ Designer/Decorater

Hello, I'm Yolanda and I consider my greatest accomplishment to be raising 5 beautiful children with 5 God children along the way. They have been my inspiration for this events and party business. I have been doing parties and events for over 25 years and although in the beginning the efforts were to plan super parties for young kids to enjoy. I along with my inspirations have expanded to providing easy party set ups that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. I would like to make it easy for anyone to host a party in celebration of special occasions, get-togethers and family fun. Making memories and building relationships create the moments in our lives that help our hearts to beat. We all need these moments big and small. I want to give you all the assistance you need to have more of those moments in your life.

Until we meet... Yolanda Hagley-Fluellen

Pink and blue watercolor floral arrangement
Pink and blue watercolor floral arrangement

Gennie Crum

Pink  paintbrush smear
Pink  paintbrush smear

Lia Lucky

Balloon Specialist / Event Staff

Social Media Marketing/ Graphic Designer/Event Staff

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Birthday Parties

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Abstract watercolor brushstroke element
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